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Chapter 1108: The Snack Market is About to Open!

It was almost noon after he sent Meng Chang off.

Pei Qian finished his’ Food.Harmony ‘work meal and wrapped himself in a small blanket in his office for a short nap. He felt that he could slip away after sorting out the situation of the various departments in the afternoon.

There was only one month to settlement. The next step would be a tough battle.

Now… he had to conserve his energy. How could he burn money without any energy?

However, Pei Qian’s cell phone rang not long after he woke up.

It was Zhang Yahui, the person-in-charge of the snack market.

“Boss Pei, I have something to report to you. Until now, all the preparatory work for the snack market has been completed. We were supposed to officially open for business the day after tomorrow.”

“I know that you’re quite busy, so I haven’t asked for instructions on what to do here. We’re about to open for business now. Do you want to come over and take a look and guide me? That’ll save us from making any mistakes.”

Pei Qian was planning to knock off at 2 PM sharp. He could only sigh silently after hearing Zhang Yahui.

Sigh, looks like I have to work overtime today.

Not long after the establishment of the snack market, Pei Qian completely became an overseer and did not ask about it at all.

On one hand, he had too many things on hand and did not have the time or energy to pay attention to it. However, more importantly, he felt that this project was not a huge threat from the bottom of his heart.

That was because the initial goal of this snack market was to poach people from the Cold-Faced Lady…

Previously, the person-in-charge of the Cold-Faced Lady, Qi Yan, had done a series of operations in the capital. She had organized a Street Food Contest and hired an outstanding vendor as a consultant. She was about to make the Cold-Faced Lady popular again.

It would be terrible if the cold-faced lady became popular.

That was because the Cold-Faced Lady was a fast food model that could start a chain operation. If a shop became popular, Qi Yan would definitely continue to open more branches. Once such a model rolled up, it would earn too much money!

Pei Qian did not want to relive the tragedy of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and Fish-Catching Take-Out.

Thus, she quickly and decisively created a snack market and poached all the outstanding vendors from the cold-faced lady.

This way, the Cold-Faced Lady would not have these outstanding vendors. The improvement in taste would be very slow, and the snack market would not be able to create a chain. There was no need to worry about earning money.

After all, no matter how impressive the vendors were, the number of customers they received every day was limited. The snack market was only so big. No matter how popular it was, could it be turned upside down?

Thus, Pei Qian felt that the project was stable.

The so-called stability did n

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