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Chapter 1991: Yi

“Ah?” A hint of shock appeared on the black robed man’s face as he looked at Yi with a disbelieving expression. “What did you say?”

“Brother Shengyuan, he said the two of us are trash!” the furred man remarked with a laugh.

The two of them exchanged a look, and erupted into laughter.

This was really too amusing. A cultivator from a weak Heaven actually dared to say that the two of them were trash? If they were trash, then what others would be? Worse than trash?

“I, Luo Shengyuan, am ranked ninth among the Severing Mundane Tiers of the Three Capitals Heaven!” The black robed man pointed at his own chest, his expression filled with pride.

The Three Capitals Heaven was a Heaven that was ranked in the middle echelon. Since he was able to rank ninth in this Heaven, Luo Shengyuan’s strength was naturally incredibly strong. It was no wonder that he would be so confident.

“Shi Bin, ranked 10th of Three Capitals Heaven!” the furred man declared.

“Not interested.” Yi waved a hand, his expression incredibly condescending.

“What a truly arrogant guy,” the furred man, Shi Bin, said coldly.

“Then just kill him!” A malicious killing intent rose from Luo Shengyuan.

“Right, just kill him!” Shi Bin strode out.Peng, his foot had clearly just landed softly on the ground, but the whole ground itself was shaking wildly.

This was a true prodigy, capable of shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

He was trying to gain the upper hand with a show of strength, deliberately exerting pressure on Yi.

“Come see, come quickly. Shi Bin is going to make a move.”

“This is a monarch tier ranked 10th in the Three Capitals Heaven. Whichever of the surrounding Heavens he is in, he would not be weaker than the strongest prodigy there.”

“Who is his opponent? He is going to be in big trouble now.”

“That may not be the case, as he is Yi!”

“The number one prodigy of the Wide Prosperity Heaven?”

“That’s right.”

“Still, the Wide Prosperity Heaven is too weak. They rank the lowest in the Eastern Celestial Realm, together with the Calm Peace Heaven and Dispelling Cloud Heaven. Even if he is the number one monarch tier, just how strong could he actually be?”

“En, I, too, think better of Shi Bin’s chances.”

“Me too.”

Those around them all discussed the situation avidly with each other. After the Yang Soul Ocean opened, it was inevitable that a great battle would erupt among the masses. Only the one who was the most outstanding could obtain the greatest rewards from the heaven and earth, and cultivate the strongest Yang Soul.

Thus, even if two people did not meet the entire time, they were actually still rivals, just that they were not exchanging actual blows, but pitting their good fortune against one another.

Yi showed a mocking grin, and when Shi Bin’s palm strike reached him, he suddenly moved. As his large hand stretched out, it turned into a c

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