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peluqueame > Imperial Phoenix Rules > Chapter 491 - Cruel and Heartless, Feng Yunyi 2
Chapter 491: Cruel and Heartless, Feng Yunyi 2

Even the King, Feng Kui, did not know that Feng Yunyi had a hidden illness. Only Yue Ling’er, him, and his confidants knew.

After Jun Mohuang lost her talent and became trash, Feng Yunyi did not want to marry a piece of trash as his fiancée, so he made another condition to Jun Liyuan.

He had to find another pearl that could increase his lifespan by a hundred years. Otherwise, he would break off the marriage with Jun Mohuang.

Jun Liyuan agreed readily for the sake of his precious daughter’s future happiness.

But a spiritual pearl that increased one’s lifespan by a hundred years was extremely difficult to find. Jun Liyuan finally found the whereabouts of the spiritual pearl, but it was torn to pieces by the demon beast protecting it.

“If you agree not to avenge Jun Mohuang, I’ll tell you the whereabouts of the Spirit Origin Pearl that can increase one’s lifespan by a hundred years. It’s easy for an expert like you to obtain this Spirit Origin Pearl. How about this deal?”

Feng Yunyi heaved a sigh of relief instead of feeling guilty.

He knew that Di Lingtian would definitely agree.

An expert like Di Lingtian did not lack women, Spirit Stones, status, and power. What he lacked was the lifespan to enjoy wealth and glory for a long time.

Feng Yunyi wasn’t afraid that Di Lingtian would go back on his word. As long as he agreed, he could make him make a blood oath.

In Di Lingtian’s arms, Jun Mohuang pinched his hand tightly to stop herself from saying anything.

Her black jewel-like eyes were dark and a storm was brewing.

The truth of what happened back then was actually like this!

Feng Yunyi was the real culprit behind her father’s death!

It caused her to bear Jun Yangfeng’s hatred and live a life worse than a servant in the Jun Family.

She had even suspected that it was the Third Elder’s doing.

What made her even more furious was that Feng Yunyi wasn’t ashamed at all. Instead, he sounded a little smug.

Feng Yunyi had a hidden illness when he was young. No wonder his face was always unusually pale at that time, and his face always had an aggrieved look that did not match his age.

At that time, Jun Mohuang was attracted to Feng Yunyi’s gloomy aura.

The young her thought that Feng Yunyi was more mature and stable than his peers.

Thinking of it now, Jun Mohuang felt that it was extremely funny.

He couldn’t live past 25 years of age – no wonder he looked so depressed!

The original Jun Mohuang had to bear half the responsibility for causing Jun Liyuan’s untimely death.

If she hadn’t fallen in love with Feng Yunyi at first sight, Jun Liyuan wouldn’t have died.

The original Jun Mohuang, you’re really blind.

Sensing the anger of the person in his arms, Di Lingtian pressed her head into his arms and rubbed it.

His Huang’er was his treasure. Her sincerity and her family’s sincerity had actually been trampled on

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