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Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World

Author: Brocolli Lion

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Updated: 2021-09-25 17:50:27

Latest chapter: Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall

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《Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World》Latest chapter
Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall
Chapter 265: Throwing cold water
Chapter 264: Emperor of the Elimasia Empire
Chapter 263: Lionel’s back
Chapter 262: The majesty of General Sen’Oni
Chapter 261: Estia’s six sense
Chapter 260: Revenge
Chapter 259: Enemy or Ally
Chapter 258: Father and Son
Chapter 257: Cloud
Chapter 256: Offensive posture
Chapter 255: Silent anger
《Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World》' main text
Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall
Chapter 265: Throwing cold water
Chapter 264: Emperor of the Elimasia Empire
Chapter 263: Lionel’s back
Chapter 262: The majesty of General Sen’Oni
Chapter 261: Estia’s six sense
Chapter 260: Revenge
Chapter 259: Enemy or Ally
Chapter 258: Father and Son
Chapter 257: Cloud
Chapter 256: Offensive posture
Chapter 255: Silent anger
Chapter 254: Short-tempered
Chapter 253: Underground condition
Chapter 252: Underground path
Chapter 251: Reckless
Chapter 250: Sparing
Chapter 249: Betrayal?
Chapter 248: Infiltrating the Imperial Capital
Chapter 247: Fornoir’s ability
Chapter 246: Battle preparation
Chapter 245: Shattered Golem
Chapter 244: The Darkness Dragon’s wish
Chapter 243: Unimaginable skirmish
Chapter 242: Imitation
Chapter 241: Past battle
Chapter 240: Changing one’s way of thinking
Chapter 239: Time flows equally
Chapter 238: How to spend an off-day
Chapter 237: Strategy Meeting?
Chapter 236: Alliance
Chapter 235: Entwined
Chapter 234: True identity of the trouble
Chapter 233: Past grievances
Chapter 232: Minor issues before the serious matters?
Chapter 231: The balance of body and mind
Chapter 230: Anxiety and adjustment
Chapter 229: Spirit Crystal
Chapter 228: Prudence/Taking care of oneself
Chapter 227: Reason to go to the Empire
Chapter 226: Alias/Nickname
Chapter 225: Appointment
Chapter 224: Promise
Chapter 223: Daily training
Chapter 222: Grumbles
Chapter 221: Apology
Chapter 220: Powerful drug
Chapter 219: Choices
Chapter 218: Paula’s miracle
Chapter 217: Target
Chapter 216: Gap in the heart
Chapter 215: Their choices
Chapter 214: Demarcation/Drawing a line
Chapter 213: Air travel
Chapter 212: Flight
Chapter 211: It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest
Chapter 210: Axis
Chapter 209: Goal
Chapter 208: Tangled thread
Chapter 207: Double agent
Chapter 206: Arrogance
Chapter 205: Unable to do one’s best
Chapter 204: Shisho
Chapter 203: Urban Legend?
Chapter 202: Three months from then
Chapter 201: Reunion
Chapter 200: Cavalry
Chapter 199: Summon Magic
Chapter 198: Detour
Chapter 197: Heart to Compromise
Chapter 196: Future of the Church
Chapter 195: Request
Chapter 194: Disrespect?
Chapter 193: Determination
Chapter 192: Hostility
Chapter 191: Rumor and Belief
Chapter 190: Holy Attribute Magic saves the heart
Chapter 189: Rumor
Chapter 188: One-way Passage
Chapter 187: Items left behind by the Twin Dragons
Chapter 186: A man’s romance?
Chapter 185: Imagination and possibility
Chapter 184: Glimpse
Chapter 183: Regained power and new powers
Chapter 182: Guardians
Chapter 181: Divine Protection of the God of Destiny
Chapter 180: In order to regain confidence
Chapter 179: Traces left in the food storehouse
Chapter 178: Attitude to endeavor
Chapter 177: Premonition
Chapter 176: Value varies from person to person
Chapter 175: Rumors from the past and the consequences
Chapter 174: Magic that can’t be invoked and secrets
Chapter 173: Astonishment
Chapter 172: Magic Guild Leader Orford
Chapter 171: Onward, to the Independent Magic City Nelldal
Chapter 170: To retrieve what has been lost
Chapter 169: Till we meet again
Chapter 168: Compensation for the Forbidden art and hereafter
Chapter 167: Unreasonable overturn
Chapter 166: Everyone’s growth and Unforeseen circumstances
Chapter 165: Broad versus Lionel
Chapter 164: Random Boss
Chapter 163: As expected of another dimension
Chapter 162: To the Labyrinth of Traps
Chapter 161: Prophecy
Chapter 160: Unexpected incident
Chapter 159: Once again, Spartan training
Chapter 158: The ultimate goal of training
Chapter 157: Fate of the assailants
Chapter 156: True nature of the Slave Merchant
Chapter 155: Raid
Chapter 154: Entrusted item
Chapter 153: Something more important than the sense of duty
Chapter 152: Auction
Chapter 151: Slave merchant and the rumoured adventurer sisters
Chapter 150: Labyrinth Nation Grandol
Chapter 149: Request
Chapter 148: Strength of a different dimension
Chapter 147: Second home
Chapter 146: S-rank healer Luciel
Chapter 145: Threat from the undulations of Darkness
Chapter 144: Mystery of the demon race
Chapter 143: First encounter of bandits?
Chapter 142: Sorting of feelings
Chapter 141: Empire’s Reincarnated individual
Chapter 140: Visible position
Chapter 139: Role of a Leader
Chapter 138: Dignity of the Knight Corps
Chapter 137: Motive of the Darkness Spirit
Chapter 136: Growth
Chapter 135: Once again into the Labyrinth of Trial
Chapter 134: Abnormal change to the Labyrinth of Tribulations
Chapter 133: Distortion within the Knight Corps
Chapter 132: Revenge battle after 3 years
Chapter 131: Empire, Demon race, Human rights
Chapter 130: Combat mental attitude
Chapter 129: Spirit and Spirit
Chapter 128: Shadowing
Chapter 127: Mock Battle
Chapter 126: Luciel’s desire
Chapter 125: Church Headquarters’ reception
Chapter 124: Return to the Holy Capital
Chapter 123: Dwarf Kingdom and Sir Rainstar
Chapter 122: Future Dreams and Goals
Chapter 121: Estia’s past
Chapter 120: Existence that Spirits fear
Chapter 119: Mastermind of the threat
Chapter 118: Ecology of Ants
Chapter 117: Corpses of the disappeared monsters
Chapter 116: Watching the Base
Chapter 115: Preparation for Battle
Chapter 114: Treatment of Slaves
Chapter 113: The Strife-laden Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 112: Messenger from the Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 111: Line of Compromise
Chapter 110: Fleeting Rest
Chapter 109: Dragons and Spirits’ Beliefs
Chapter 108: Way to Return
Chapter 107: Chance Encounter
Chapter 106: The banquet after returning
Chapter 105: The hometown of researchers and engineers
Chapter 104: Earthquake, Monsters, and Uneasy feeling
Chapter 103: Sudden magic tool idea
Chapter 102: Respective paths
Chapter 101: Completion of the school
Chapter 100: Mastermind and Perpetrators (Part 2)
Chapter 100: Mastermind and Perpetrators (Part 1)
Chapter 099: Unexpected helper
Chapter 098: Echoing roar in Ienith
Chapter 097: Removal of the Slums
Chapter 096: Shadow of the Evil God
Chapter 095: Abnormal changes to the Labyrinth of Astray
Chapter 094: Moving the Hacchi race
Chapter 093: Herbalist Guild guildmaster
Chapter 092: Written pledge
Chapter 091: Luciel’s plan
Chapter 090: Disturbing rumours about the Philosopher’s past
Chapter 089: Relationship between honey and the Bear beastmen
Chapter 088: Luciel’s underground domestic affairs plan
Chapter 087: Negotiations with the Hacchi race and the legend of the Philosopher
Chapter 086: Saving the Hacchi race covered by miasma
Chapter 085: Guidance of the Spirits and Revelations
Chapter 084: Identity of the earth tremor
Chapter 083: To the undeveloped forest
Chapter 082: Luciel’s scheme
Chapter 081: Reincarnation predecessors and what’s possible in Ienith
Chapter 080: Ienith’s prudent management
Chapter 079: Finding out Ienith’s current situation
Chapter 078: Is this what they call middle management?
Chapter 077: The real mastermind and new problems
Chapter 076: Criteria to enter the 51st floor
Chapter 075: Invincible Object X
Chapter 074: The feeling of wanting to escape and the feeling of wanting to save
Chapter 073: Information on another reincarnated individual and the labyrinth treasure chest
Chapter 072: Missing advance party, capture meeting to ensure safety
Chapter 071: Capture that went too smoothly
Chapter 070: Dwarf-combi combat strength
Chapter 069: Strategy meeting and onward to the labyrinth
Chapter 068: The first step towards becoming a supervisor from an individual
Chapter 067: Self-awareness towards kindness and easygoing behaviour
Chapter 066: Men who assertively follow orders
Chapter 065: Healer’s Guild assailants
Chapter 064: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster is a muscle-brain
Chapter 063: Object X is a Cheat item
Chapter 062: Disciple cornered by his Shisho’s boasts
Chapter 061: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 060: The Healer’s Guild underground facilities
Chapter 059: Increased forces and Dolan’s motivation
Chapter 058: Who exactly is this person?
Chapter 057: Purchasing slaves and God’s miracle
Chapter 056: Luciel is a person who looks for bargains
Chapter 055: Rocky road ahead to rebuilding the Healer’s Guild
Chapter 054: Entering Ienith. Still some distance away from the capital
Chapter 053: The weight of words, New target
Chapter 052: Luciel’s judgement
Chapter 051: Reunion with Meratoni’s largest healer clinic director, Botacyl?
Chapter 050: Distant heights and welcome party
Chapter 049: Triumphant return to Meratoni, Botacyl’s approaching crisis
Chapter 048: Training direction determined
Chapter 047: Date, Reincarnated individual found?
Chapter 046: Luciel, notices what he is lacking
Chapter 045: The new equipment is now the favourite
Chapter 044: Own weapon, Strongest relationship, Survival of the fittest
Chapter 043: Eye of the artisan, Own position, Luciel learns of the cheat protagonist
Chapter 042: Level up and new old men
Chapter 041: Church Knights’ joint exercise
Chapter 040: Letter from Shisho and the work to be done from now on
Chapter 039: Words from the legendary Healer’s Guild founder? Luciel, tripped by his own ignorance
Chapter 038: S-class healer-cum-exorcist, Luciel’s declaration
Chapter 037: Tell me that it’s a lie. Luciel, finds out the truth to his hallucinations
Chapter 036: Once again, the combination of masochistic zombie and devil mentor
Chapter 035: Breaking through the Labyrinth of Tribulations
Chapter 034: There’s no time, if that’s the case I’ll just do it, labyrinth capture via tricks. The fang of the devil labyrinth that shook my mental spirit.
Chapter 033: Specter Knight King (provisional), Mortal combat with Shisho, Luciel meets a real warrior
Chapter 032: The wheel of philanthropy
Chapter 031: The steadily advancing exploration and the disaster in Holy City Schull
Chapter 030: Third negotiation audience with the Pope and Object X
Chapter 029: Training outcome? Battle with the 30th floor boss
Chapter 028: Deviant Saint’s whimsical day
Chapter 027: Full of cheat equipments (In Luciel’s eyes.)
Chapter 026: New nickname obtained “Deviant Saint”
Chapter 025: The second negotiation with the Pope (Business Negotiation)
Chapter 024: The boss battle at the 20th floor, before that …
Chapter 023: The provisional enlistment of Luciel into the Valkyrie Paladin Corps? On-the-job training for dual swords
Chapter 022: First experience of horse riding, when anxious, train
Chapter 021: Luciel’s denied nicknames discovered by the Valkyrie Paladin Corps
Chapter 020: The Valkyrie Paladin Corps and early morning training
Chapter 019: In order to become stronger, invitation to join the training of the Paladin Corps
Chapter 018: Conclusion to the boss battle and negotiations with the Pope
Chapter 017: Complacency and the threat of the boss room
Chapter 016: Stagnant levels and the constantly advancing spirit
Chapter 015: The wrongly pressed button and the rumoured urban legend
Chapter 014: The Undead Labyrinth (Tentative)
Chapter 013: The work at the guild headquarters?
Side Story 3: White Wolf’s Bloodline and the eccentric heretic
Chapter 012: Holy Attribute Magic, The price of treatment
Chapter 011: A new journey
Side Story 2: Meratoni Adventurer Guild’s three heavyweights anxious about Luciel’s future
Chapter 010 : Training 2 – Numeric values and strength report It has been a week since Botacyl came to the adventurer guild.
Chapter 009: Appearance of the Botacyl the healing director in Meratoni
Chapter 008: Welcome Party and Encroaching Darkness
Chapter 007: U-turn
Chapter 006: Growth and leaving the nest
Chapter 5: Slight changes from Object X
Chapter 004: Training 1 – Talent in martial arts
Chapter 3: Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 2: Promotion to Healer apprentice
Chapter 1: Healer’s Guild